Core Values

We deliver

We deliver high quality work on schedule within budget. Delivery builds trust with colleagues. Delivery is a result of all the best practices we put in place — good tools and framework, strong planning, time management, and teamwork. The entire company works as one to deliver.

We inspire

We inspire our colleagues to do great work by sharing expertise, knowledge, and skills. We combine rational engineering with great passion! We lead first and foremost by setting a great example.

We own

We feel personally responsible for end-result. Nobody says “this is not my problem” here. When we’re uncertain who’s responsible for the task, we jump on it like a tiger to close it quickly and successfully. Live no stone unturned.

We plan

We spend quality time to carefully plan the work. We spend time and effort to get everything right. Elegant, logical and clear system architecture is the hallmark of our company.

We cooperate

We work as close-knit teams. We share successes and give credit to all team members. We love to cooperate with other teams within the company and with partner’s teams. We share information and make sure everyone is on the same page. We prefer to grow together.

We learn

We are committed to life-long daily learning and improvement. We want to be the first to adapt innovative best practices, new technologies, and frameworks. We master our technical skills and work on our soft skills.

We dive

We are deep in our approach to work. We step beyond obvious, superficial answers to find deep insights and next-level solutions.

We craft

Like a master jeweler, we craft sophisticated, beautiful, effective solutions. In every facet of our work, we go into detail, we make sure that quality is there in parts that are visible and parts that are not easily accessible.

We connect

We connect to our team members, to other teams, to the customer. When we have human connection, works gets done so much better. We work to build trust with our colleagues to foster a culture of open collaboration. In this current environment of home office work, we use every chance to pick up the phone and get to know our colleagues better. We are social and we partake in social activities with our team members so that we get to know them better. We respect privacy and solitude too. We listen to hear; we aim to understand.

We innovate

We are building a better future for people with technology. We create visions of the future and search for new technology to fulfil that vision. We innovate in frameworks to improve our delivery.